“The Key to Happiness is the reduction of desires.” - Lord Krishna.... Shri Krishna Pravaha Ashram

Shri Krishna Pravaha Ashram

santhigiriashramThe Ashram is known as ‘SHRI KRISHNA PRAVAHA ASHRAM’ and grown over the last 24 years. Steadily, over years, the Ashram is in the midst of houses, hotels and excellent connectivity which helps now in doing and planning much more for the ASHRAM. Within Ashram, the temple today known as CHEH SHIKHAR WALA MANDIR was founded. Main six deities in temple are Krishna-Radha, Maa Durga, Shri Hanuman, Shri Ganesh, Sai Nath and Shiva Parivar. There are six deities and thus ‘six’ (Cheh/Shatt ) Shikhar – THE NAME BY WHICH IT IS POPULAR TODAY . The pooja and rituals are followed with discipline and the Pandits stay there in the Ashram Compound. All the rituals and festivities are done. Other activities are:
• Feeding all in a time slot in the afternoon.
• Doctor for the poor.
• Empowering the Girls in village by education – some are MBA’s.
• Help for Higher education – Diplomas and engineers are there now.
• Taking care of the widows that need help.
• Ladies stay – those who are alone.
A lot of groups come from the South and other places to do Bhagwatam or stay at Vrindavan. Our culture is rich, and Geeta is one book which tells us the way to live. Geeta – an iota of understanding this scripture can change the way of life – that’s our endeavor by having discourses in Easy Hindi for the masses.